Pivot Twentyfour 12 Mud, Sweat and Gears Optional….

On 26th of July we hit the road down to Newnham Park in Plymouth, to get things set up for the 12th year of Pivot Twentyfour 12…The (very) dirty dozen. This park is a massive part of cycling history and my favorite in the UK


Now starts the hard work with a mammoth task of setting up the Pivot arena, the team and solo pits, I’m glad we got it done before…THE RAIN STARTED!!!!

Friday morning and it’s time to get this show on the road with the course opening for official practice, now to get the kids on their way with the Islabikes junior time trials. The kids were totally amazing!

I was so looking forward to the party with free beer from the Dartmoor brewing co and ‘Nick the Fish’ on guitar, he is such a funny entertainer! and we rocked out to a punk version of Postman Pat. While he had to fix a broken guitar string i stepped in with a spot of joke telling (including my bad balloon joke) then got the crowd going with my version of living on a prayer! party on Plymouth yeah

Recovering from the night before it’s Saturday and time for a few more kids races and unlike last year i managed not to high five a kid off their bike. Amazing riding by all and everyone had a great time. The youngest rider was only 18 months!  Now for the main event  . The 24 and the 12 hour events kicked of at midday, Rory from Pivot and myself got the riders and the crowd going. I think it was the best start to an event i have ever seen or heard  whoop whoop



Saturday Night

The rain was now coming down hard but we had an amazing set on the decks from Singletracks Will and Pivots very own Adam, AMAZING TUNES! It was being filmed for Facebook live and got so many hits in only half an hour but got taken down by Facebook boooooooooooooooo! After that the first of the 12 hour races finished and the second started with fireworks and an amazing jazz singer (nice)


Sunday morning

I managed to make it till about 6 am but the effort from trying to keep everyone motivated and a bit too much Dark Star beer took it’s toll so i had to crash for a few hours. I got woken up by the sound of Rory’s amazing commentary and the sun was out wahoo! Only a few hours left so was time to get the crowd  cheering and riders motivated for the final push. The last hour was really exciting with so many of the cats still so tight and the crowd really getting into the spirit of it, making so much noise! So many amazing efforts form all of the riders and in those conditions. Chapeau one and all, what a great event and big thanks To Rory from Pivot and Martyn Salt, also all who helped make this event the best yet. Can’t wait for next year


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The Chronicles of Matt Carr

My life so far has been one hell of a journey ! from racing around the word, travelling, hanging out with cool people. Now I can't work so I spend my life working teaching kids to ride, teaching naughty kids learning to fix bikes and life skills. I love to muck about and love my wine. I suffer badly with epilepsy which really effects my daily life! I'm doing this blog to share my life and make you funny stuff for your enjoyment

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